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1 year ago

Is Quartzite Countertops Cost You More Than Granite Countertops?

Most homeowners always have been confused with quartz stone and granite stone for their kitchen countertops, it is hard for them to make a choice when home decoration. Then today I will make the price comparison between quartz stone and granite stone to help you make clear your mind.

When you want to go with the granite stone, it is known that the price of granite stone varies from the granite looking, the grade and source, especially when the more unique it is in the texture of granite surface, the more it will cost. Also, the size you want also affects the cost of the granite countertops, although when you make a large order from the suppliers.

Compared with granite stone, the cost of quartz stone will not vary so much like granite stone, even you can get the quartz surface cost nearly the same as the high quality granite stone in the same size. Commonly, quality quartz stone is composed of 93% quartz and 7% resins and pigments, those with low quartz volume will cost less, but that would be look not so nice and lower quality.

All in all, the price depends much on your location, supplier and the material quality you choose. One more cost point you should pay attention to is the maintenance costs. While quartz stone will cost you less than granite stone in the aspect. As quartz stone is non-porous, it is more resistant to liquid, stains, heat, scratch and other damage, it is easier to maintain and care. Moreover, quartz surface doesn’t require a sealing and polishing at all.



1 year ago

Pros and Cons of Using Quartz Stone Bathroom Vanities (II)

  1. Cons of quartz bathroom vanities

Something difficult of quartz bathroom vanities must be its installation. You can not DIY it by yourself, which needs specific tools and skills, so you had better ask a professional to do it.

Although quartz surface us resistant to stains and bacteria. It is not entirely heat-proof, that means, you should use a cooling pad when you want to place the heat pot on the surface, do not do it directly.

Quartz surface can be damaged by acid chemicals including drain cleaner, solvents like bleach and abrasive cleaners. Abrasive cleaners will dull the surface’s beauty and shiny finish.

No doubt that quartz stone bathroom vanities will cost you more than other kinds of surfaces countertops.

Quartz bathroom vanities would be a wonderful choice, if you are looking for a countertop, adding elegance and timeless beauty to your home. Welcome to contact LIXIN Quartz, who is a professional quartz stone supplier, can offer you quality service.

1 year ago

Pros and Cons of Using Quartz Stone Bathroom Vanities (I)

Using quartz stone now has become a popular trend, widely used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities top with changeable decorating styles. What do you think of the benefits quartz bathroom vanity top brings you? Is this a right investment? Just considering the pros and cons of quartz bathroom vanity top.

  1. Pros of quartz bathroom vanities

Quartz stone as engineered stone adds beauty to your home space. Quartz stone can be manufactured in any color you like with a natural looking.

Quartz stone of high hardness is as durable as concrete and granite stone, and offer more usages. You don’t need to concerned about the chips and cracks when you use the quartz bathroom vanity.

Quartz surface is really non-porous, liquids such as juice, wine, oil,, coffee and other products will not stain the surface. Also, there is no place for bacteria and virus to grow and hide.

Moreover, it is not necessary to seal and reseal the quartz stone countertops.

Lixin Quartz here can provide high quality bathroom countertops and prefab bathroom vanity top, nice quality and price, do not hesitate to contact us.

1 year ago

Perfect Granite Countertops for You All

Granite stone has been popular in the global stone market for a long time and consistently used for kitchen countertops for those who is going to rebuilding a kitchen of a smooth solid surface, nice cutting edge and new style. Granite stone countertops with wide ranges of colors can give a kitchen a really contemporary looking, stylish design and advancement.

As one popular solid surface, granite kitchen countertops offer boundless scope of designs for customers, in choice of shade, edge itemizing and other composition. Granite stone is resistant to stains, no creases and can also tackle the hot pots.

Granite stone offers common thickness at 3/4inch to 1inch. There are plenty of inexpensive kitchen countertops of various colors for options. The natural color is the green. And more dark colors are made by including an extraordinary murky covering to make visual impacts. Under the condition of high temperature up to 700 degrees, granite stone will not break.

However, please still use the granite stone countertops in proper ways, do not take unnecessary risks. When you want to place the hot pot, just get one pad for it to avoid it to chop, break. Well it is hard to repair one it break.

Also, get one dried towel to wipe the surface after you use it, scratch, figureprints and watermarks are easy to appear on the surface. So, do the daily maintenance to keep the solid surface countertops in a ideal condition and prolong its service life.

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1 year ago

Which is Your Preference Between Quartz Stone and Granite Stone?

Which kind of stone is your preference? Quartz stone or granite stone? Quartz stone as one engineered stone is composed of 93% quartz volume and 7% resins. Granite stone is one natural stone widely used in kitchen countertops. The both have their own advantages and shortcoming, just get it depending on your home style.

  1. for the whole looking. The colors and veining of granite stone come from the same block, it  has its own style and feature, that is why most homeowners love it. While since quartz stone is one kind of man made stone, its colors and patterns are more consistent. Both of this two stones have no seam, and quartz stone does better than granite stone.
  2. what about the surface maintenance? Quartz stone requires less care than granite stone. Granite stone of porous structure is easy to get bacteria and small voids, stains, which needs sealing. But quartz stone will not, it do not need special maintenance as it is already dense and non-porous when it is produced. Quartz stone can supply you a better and convenient life.
  3. for the price, granite stone is close to quartz stone in 2014, while the cost of granite get fast rise for its colors and individual slabs features at about $200 per sq feet, while quartz stone is about $100. The both are heavy, with quartz stone may be heavier than granite, which make the installation cost is higher.
  4. granite stone and quartz stone are tough and durable. Granite stone is resistant to scratches, heat and water, quartz stone is resistant to stains well, even from the fruit juice, wine and nail polish. But when you expose quartz stone to sunshine, heat for a long time, quartz stone can be damaged also. It is hard to repair chipped granite stone and distressed quartz stone.

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1 year ago

Home Decor: Great to Select Quartz Stone Countertops

Why so many people choose stone countertops for home decoration? Stone countertops are so strong and have plenty of nice features, which are made of quartz stone, granite stone, marble stone, onyx, tile and so on. They are unique and strong durable.

Engineered quartz stone is great! Quartzite countertops look really good and unique in design and style. Quartz solid surface can provide you high strength and more favored sometimes, thought to be better than marble stone and granite stone. Quartz stone is manufactured in a special way to stop chips on the surface. Due to high hardness, quartz stone is well resistant to scratch, stains and cracks, easy to clean and not easy to get damage.

Quartz stone countertops are very essential for your kitchen, beautiful looking and rich features, you should not miss them.

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2 years ago

Refreshing Your Outdated Countertops

When should you refresh your old countertops and how to fix up your outdated countertops? That should be paid attention by most homeowners.

Purchasing an abode is an vital option in anyone's life. A lot of analysis is bare if you are attractive for the absolute abode to alive in. Kitchen is after an agnosticism the busiest room, out of all the others, which has to be adorning yet hygienic.

It is an abode which is usually in use all day long. The kitchen countertops are one allotment of the kitchen in asperous use throughout the day, usually captivation your accessories and cutlury which leads to knife marks, cracks, stains and alike the blush can achromatize with the access of time.

Does this kitchen breadth of your home arise to be boring, old fashioned, anachronistic to you?

If so, again maybe you are due with a able about-face of your kitchen or artlessly a countertop replacement. It is a accepted actuality that accomplished affection kitchen countertops can ascertain your home's elegance. So alteration them would eventually change the accomplished attending of your house.

After a few years of use, it becomes all-vital for a kitchen countertops replacement. The vital actuality that needs application actuality is money that you would absorb on either a abounding advance or alone countertop replacement. Those who demand things to be done in a account affable way can camouflage their aching countertops by artlessly alteration the blush of it, although you ability demand to booty a rain analysis on the assorted bloom risks of accepting your countertops painted. Moreover, the calefaction in the kitchen can account the blush to breach into pieces which in about-face is added alarming while you are cooking.

Now the catechism arises, which accurate countertop to accept for your kitchen. There are a array of altered actual of countertops that are accessible according to your budget. Some are abiding while others accept an administrative actualization rather again quality. so accept a accomplished actual that jells in able-bodied and is additionally durable, while chief up on a new countertop.

You can calmly install new countertops on your own, extenuative a lot of money in the process. For countertop installation, one should chase assertive guidelines. First, accept a countertop that is the appropriate best for you. Once you are done with the alternative again comes the vital point; abolish your old countertop and alter it with the new one.

Before replacing the countertop, booty the able altitude to abstain any glitches. Once the new countertop fits in, spiral it well. This can be done on your own or you can alike alarm up a able who can fix your countertops for you. It is vital to booty your time and acquisition the appropriate kitchen countertop for you. By looking online, you can acquisition a lot of options that would accentuate the all-embracing architecture of your kitchen and acclaim its looks.

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